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Al zajil Travel

Tourism in Algeria is enduring a great expansion since the beginning of this millennium. Thus our agency AL Zajil Travel has known a considerable overflow of tourists during these last three years.

In the objective of attaining an absolute satisfaction of our customers, we engage ourselves to present the best adjusted and elaborated products to meet travelers' expectations.

We work with creativity and inspiration from the contemporary world aiming to respond to dreams and desires of those who opt for AL Zajil Travel.

In a single word, choosing AL Zajil Travel is choosing liability; pioneers in the Multicultural & Tribal Algerian Sahara Tourism.
AL Zajil Travel offers various types of Tours ranging from Cultural, Discovery, Immersion to Adventure, Raids and Rallys Agence AL Zajil Travel Licence N°1026/2018 Specialized in both Inbound/Outbound Tours & Travel Packages

1- Erg Occidental Raid Classico
2- Tassili N'Adjjers Discovery Raid
3- Grand Cultural Tour Algeria Cities
4- Oases Heritage Tour
5- Afra & Ihrir Touareg Tour
6- Assekrem & kellahagar Villages

1- English Courses Overseas
2- Azerbijan & Giorgia Cultural Heritage
3- Mongolia Tibet & Nepal Wonders Tour
4- Africa Safari National Parks & Beaches
5- Middle Eastern Adventures
6- Asia Islands & Highlands
7- kazakhistan & Ouzbekistan Rustic Pathways